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How to "NO" at Work

Without Feeling Guilty

"How to Say 'NO' at Work" is a tool specifically for women who need to set boundaries and take back their time.

Download this free guide so that you can STOP feeling:

❌Overwhelmed and burned out 
❌Resenting colleagues 
❌Stagnating in your career 

and can START feeling:

✔️Rejuvenated and balanced
✔️Positive collaboration
✔️Elevating your career



"She inspires me to keep going in my education and life. She is always there to give me a kick to get going and I’ll always be thankful for that!"


"Thank you for helping launch a big fish out of her small pond to see that there's an entire ocean out there."


"I have never felt so passionate, so in-the-right-place, and ultimately, so lucky to be here. I really do attribute this success to the guidance I've received from you over the years and I hope you know how grateful I am." 


MEET Melanie

I am a: Communication Professor, Published Author, Public Relations Consultant, Disability Advocate, Mom of 3, Chocoholic, and Showtune Fanatic.

Before unlocking my inner badass, I was the person who was too afraid to share my opinions at work because I didn’t want people to think I didn’t have anything valuable to say and discover that I didn’t belong. Once I conquered my imposter syndrome and owned my professional voice, I started loving going to work and using my ideas to impact change. I am passionate about educating and empowering women to take charge of their professional success by shining as the fantastic women they truly are. 


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